Spreading Our WIngs
We at Vibgyor undertook some diversification in addition to our existing export business.

In 1995, we commissioned a joint venture company in the area of pharmaceutical bulk drug manufacturing in Bangladesh. This joint venture company is established in the name ‘Sunypun Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals’, Dhaka (Bangladesh). The unit manufactures basic bulk drugs like Paracetamol, that is sold locally to pharmaceutical multinationals engaged in formulations.

We also ventured into one more joint venture project in the name of ‘Sunypun Organics Pvt. Ltd.’, Dhaka (Bangladesh), for manufacturing glacial acetic acid. This is an import substitution and is sold to textile processing units locally. Dilute acetic acid (commonly called vinegar) is solicited to the local food industry in Bangladesh.

The annual turnover of both the above joint venture companies is to the tune of Tk.120,000,000 (Bangladeshi Taka 120 Million). Our 1st unit has been repatriating 50% dividends to us here in India.

We recently began manufacturing and exporting chemicals under the company ‘VibgyorChem International’. Based in Mumbai (India), ‘VibgyorChem’ is fast becoming a brand name to be reckoned with, in the domestic & international markets.

‘VibgyorChem’ is now fully equipped with manufacturing a wide range of acid dyes, basic dyes, reactive dyes, synthetic organic pigments, inorganic pigments, 1.2 metal complex solvent dyes, dye intermediates and various other chemicals & chemical raw materials.

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Amongst other diversifications, we have also been representing a U.S. company who are into importing bulk lime stones, sand stones and hand crafted stones from India. Presently we have been engaged in rendering logistical support to them in effectively sourcing the required stones. This company has been planning big operations out of India; and in years to come hope for a major break through in Indian operations.