Our Equipment in India
Being in the export business for over 3 decades, we have excellent infrastructure and export handling facilities.

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At our Visakhapatnam manufacturing unit (situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh) we currently have:

151 single-needle lockstitch machines
6 two-needle lockstitch machines
3 five-thread overlock machines
2 three-thread overlock machines
3 feed off the arm sewing machines
3 lockstitch buttonstitch machines
3 buttonhole sewing machines
10 single-needle lockstitch machines (with edge trimmer)
2 bartack sewing machines
1 fusing machine
1 collar trimming-turing-blocking machine
1 cuff blocking machine
1 pneumatic collar notcher
3 shirt folding tables
2 power driven cloth cutting machines
2 end cutters
1 band knife cutting machine
2 special multi-needle chainstitch machines (Brand: Kansai)
1 special waist band attaching machine (Brand: Kansai)
1 special belt loop making machine (Brand: Kansai)
6 vacuum ironing tables (Brand: Ramsons)
6 steam irons (Brand: Ramsons)
6 online vacuum ironing boards (Brand: Ramsons)
5 jumbo portable boilers (Brand: Ramsons)
1 oil fired boiler - 50kg capacity (Brand: Ramsons)
1 thread sucking machine (Brand: Ramsons)
1 stain removing machine (Brand: Ramsons)
1 3HP compressor
1 spot welding machine
1 pocket welding machine

With a capacity to produce 75,000 pieces of garments a month; this factory is an ISO certified factory and can produce excellent quality shirts and bottoms. With in-house washing capabilities and over 200 specialized sewing machines, we have the capacity to double the number of machines. It meets all compliance standards as required by foreign clients.

At our Mumbai manufacturing unit (situated at Wadala in Central Mumbai) we currently have:

40 sewing machines (Brands: Brother, Singer & Juki)
2 automated cutting machines
4 buttonstitch machines
4 buttonhole machines
5 thread sewing machines
1 side munda
1 flatlock machine
1 bartek machine
3 overlock machines
1 collar cutting machine
1 collar fusing machine
1 embroidery machine

It is a full-fledged sampling unit, separately established to match U.S. manufacturing requirements.